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Learn To Pierce

Body Piercing Company Trainee Programme is the most comprehensive, thorough and professional piercing qualification course anywhere in the UK.  We pride ourselves on passing on our piercing skills to the highest level and working hand in hand with our trainees until they are ready to thrive in the industry.  This 6 week course, taking place over 6 consecutive Thursdays (other days available as demand grows) will provide all the necessary training for a beginner to feel confident moving in to the industry themselves.  Our approach is based on the premise that apprenticeship is the best way to learn, so each day is divided in to 50% classroom instruction and 50% shadowing a piercer in the studio while they work.  This gives an insight in to the real world of piercing while ensuring adequate preparation of technical skill and advanced knowledge.  By the end of the 6 weeks we’ll ensure every trainee has completed every piercing they’ll ever be asked to perform under complete supervision as they continue in their career.


We teach in a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio, so you’ll either be guided directly by the Piercer, or you and one other trainee will.  You will not be amongst a group of 6 or 8, you will have our full attention.  Our first aid training is provided by a Registered Nurse.


We will also continue to support all of our trainees after the course, where the opportunity to become an affiliate piercer or even be hosted on our website as a new franchise location can be discussed.   We’re so confident you’ll feel truly prepared by our course that we are willing to commit to an ongoing apprenticeship for every client until they feel ready to work alone.  We’ll be there with you every step of the way.


This course was designed because as a company we see clients on a weekly basis who have been pierced by “backyard” piercers who claim to be qualified but aren’t.  We are tired of this unregulated industry not having a legal benchmark qualification.  It scares us as a company that there is no technical practice standard that body piercers are required to work to - so we are creating that gold standard ourselves.


Please note, to protect our own piercing locations, all trainees will be required to sign a non-compete contract within 10 miles of our Lurgan, Tandragee and Banbridge studios.

Course Format

Week 1

Hygiene Standards, Setting Up A Piercing Studio, Equipment Required, Environmental Health and the Law


Week 2

Blood Born Pathogen Training, First Aid Training, Jewellery Choices and Locations


Week 3

How to pierce, technical and practical tuition, Blade Needles v Cannulas


Week 4

Advanced piercings, dermal piercings and intimate work 


Week 5

Curation, and the art of piercing


Week 6

How to run your business, analytics, website, marketing and social media

Course Fees

6 Week Course Including All Equipment and Course Materials


Deposit Required To Secure Place


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